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Each visa case is comprehended with latest immigration rules and regulations and in an efficacious manner.

A consultancy where expertise, knowledge and experience are at your service. BBC has always rendered immigration services and advises in a professional yet hospitable way. For a prompt and convenient services pertaining to student visa, spouse visa, express entry, LMIA, visitor visa, super visa and other categories, BBC is a place that one can rely upon.

Headed by Bhavneet Singh Bhatia, BBC is a firm which can handle complex immigration matters and guide you well through your immigration needs from the beginning till end. For an expert and customized visa services BBC is here as a scout to help you out.

Pathways to Immigration

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We have expert team to create great value for immigration. Our certified & reliable Immigration Consultant professionals can help you get a positive decision on your case. We provide immigration services for student visa, spouse visa, express entry, LMIA, visitor visa, super visa and other categories.

Services offered by BBC Immigration

Temporary Entry

  • Temporary Resident Visa | TRV
  • Super Visa

Temporary Residence: Students and Workers

  • Student Permits
  • Open Work Permits
  • International Mobility Program | IMP
  • Work Permit

Permanent Entry: General

  • Permanent Resident Visas
  • Permanent Resident Cards

Family Class

  • Sponsorship

Economic Classes

  • Federal Skilled Worker | FSW
  • Federal Skilled Trades | FST
  • International Mobility Program | IMP
  • Canadian Experience Class | CEC
  • Provincial Nominee Program | PNP
  • Business Immigration
  • Self-Employed Persons Class
  • Start-Up Business Class
  • Caregiver Class


  • Citizenship Application
  • Renouncing /Revoking
  • Resuming Citizenship


Since 2021 we have
expansion of branches all over world

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We run all kinds of immigration Services that vow your success


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